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Chapter 2 - Page 8

After years of yearning to leave his tiny village to experience the outside world, Yasashiku finally gets his wish. But this world is not the one he heard of in storybooks, or could have ever imagined. To survive, he and everyone else will have to ally as a group of misfits, release old prejudices, and walk the difficult path of personal realization to find their true selves. Updates: Sunday & Thursday


» Tell me what to sketch!

Hey guys!
SELF is nearing the end of it's first chapter, (a total of 35 pages). Huzzah!
As a fun little thing to do, toss out a random suggestion of something for me to draw, (SELF related), and I'll randomly pick an idea and put it between chapters 1 and 2! The internet is a mystifying and scary place, so I'll interested to see what some of the responses may be. . .
Have fun!

» Welcome, everyone!

Thank you for visiting my page. This comic is also on DeviantArt. (You can see it on DA! --> http://moxiedpatroness.deviantart.com/gallery/24337082 )

I hope you enjoy it, and look forward to hearing what you think!

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