Cover - 2011 Aug 14 11:33 pm
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Welcome & Enjoy! [Posted by Patroness on 2011 Aug 14 11:41 pm]

Welcome to Self! (Also on DeviantArt -->
Please enjoy!

(Sidenote: Scanner murdered this with such violence it should have been rated NC17. I sort of revived it though. Scannerwhyyyy ;A; )


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Scanners [Posted by nijil-xnv on 2011 Aug 14 11:45 pm]

Don't worry about your scanner. I think that they all have something against traditional artists. I do my comic in marker as well and my scanner butchers it no matter what I do. I am still in the process of figuring out the stupid thing, haha.

But have faith! Your scan came out better than mine do!

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