Photobucket Yasashiku, or Yasa for short, the protagonist. Yasa has lived a good, albeit cloistered life until he opts to leave his hometown and venture past the walls that most dare not go near, all to broaden his horizons and explore the world outside. He's optimistic, lively, and kind.

PhotobucketRasshu is an arrogant, cocky member of Yasa's group. The two have a tense relationship.

Photobucket Kiiro is Yasa's cousin and a member of his group. She's quick to anger, territorial, and equipped with a sharp wit. She gets along with others as well as pepper spray gets along with thugs.

Photobucket Kleos is the supervisor of Yasa's group, and an old time friend of Yuudai's. Normally he's all giggles and silly antics, but there may be a darker side to him than he lets on.

Photobucket Yasa's dad, Yuudai, is overly protective of his children after losing his oldest son, but is the one to make the final decision in letting him leave home. He and few others know of a secret concerning Yasashiku that even he doesn't know himself.

Photobucket Ra, upbeat and kind, is Yasa's older brother. He left the town years ago for the same reasons Yasa has, but has since returned. His twin, Amun, is deceased.

Photobucket Amun is Ra's older twin and Yasa's brother. He was murdered many years ago, but the nature as to why or who did it remains a mystery.

Photobucket Yasa's mom.

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