Chapter 2 - Page 8 - 2011 Oct 13 07:08 pm
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[Posted by Patroness on 2011 Oct 06 12:11 am]

So, not the princess-like beauty you expected, huh, Yasa?
Really, boy. You should've been able to tell that she's not exactly Princess Peace in the first few seconds alone.


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NOTICE TO ALL READERS [Posted by TempPatroness (Guest) on 2011 Oct 16 10:00 pm]

This is Patroness, the author of SELF and LOVE GRIM. My account must've been hacked or something, because I cannot access it, and it says my email isn't on file. Ergo, I don't know when I'll be able to update.
If anyone has a potential solution, let me know!


[Posted by Myriads of Blue on 2012 Sep 09 05:54 pm]

@TempPatroness: Have you reported this to the site admin?


[Posted by TempPatroness (Guest) on 2012 Nov 20 04:54 pm]

@Myriads of Blue: I'm trying to contact them again right now. Hopefully this kink will get worked out! :)

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